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Benefits of Ceramic Tile

  • Environmentally friendly – they are made from clay, sand and glass raw materials. Additionally, these primary raw materials are combined with other recycled materials forming a ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is also energy efficient, reducing your electricity bills by keeping your houses cool during summer heat. Moreover, they add insulating qualities during winter.
  • Low maintenance – Maintenance of Ceramic tiles is easy s 1, 2, three from simple cleaning options to optional sealing. No special maintenance is required besides cleaning.
  • Easy to clean – As with the low maintenance property, ceramic tile cleaning involves sweeping and washing/wiping with a wet mop. Cleaning never got easier than that! In the kitchens, ceramic floors make excellent floors because they leave no stains keeping your kitchen sparkling and smelling good as they can also be disinfected. Moreover, if the tile grout needs cleaning, there is a specially formulated cleaner available to clean off the accumulated dirt and grease.
  • Cost – Ceramic tiles are some of the cheaper and cost efficient flooring installations for your residential and commercial buildings. This can be attributed t the fact that it’s made with recycled materials. The cost only increases with the higher end the tile you choose, or the project cost being high or even the level of detail in its design. Averagely, a ceramic tile materials cost from $1 to $15 per square foot and flooring installation cost is $3 to $8 per square foot.
  • Repairable – ceramic tiles are easily repaired if they crack. Ceramic tiles are often ordered on the higher side leaving you with extra tiles that you can use to fix with, in the event of chips and cracks.
  • Endless style and design options – with ceramic tiles, there is limitless style and design options. Additionally, the colors and shapes are also boundless.
  • Increase your home value – Ceramic tiles installations promote the value of your homes when appraised.
  • Scratch resistant – Ceramic tiles are categorized into classes, the higher the class (Class 3 and Class 4) the more they are designed for floors with heavy traffic. These higher class tiles are scratch resistant.
  • Reduces household allergens – As mentioned earlier, ceramic tiles unlike carpets and rugs, do not attract dust and dust mites. Therefore, there is less dust in the air, reducing allergens. This is a great benefit to those with respiratory problems like asthma and other dust-related allergies.
  • Moisture resistant – Ceramic tiles do not accumulate moisture, in fact, they repel moisture. There is no need to worry about mold formations in the bathroom or kitchen and the like, unlike wooden floors.
  • Additional benefits – Ceramic tiles are fire resistant, they do not hold odors and do not fade.

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Flooring Installation Tampa Process

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    3. Featured posts (below). Lastly, we like to educate people as much as we can, so we created a blog post page so you and your family can start learning about your options you might want to do some research on your own.